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We hold several fund-raising events each year such as the Santa Slegh and Dorridge Day in order to raise money for good causes, most of which have an emphasis on local help and service within the community.

Some of our recent causes we have supported by donating money to are below.


Springfield House School

In 2022, we made the biggest single donation in our 60-year history. We were approached by Springfield House school and their story was so compelling that not only did we provide the full funding for the project, our members also gave their time and expertise to support the school.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Springfield House is the large Grade II listed building on the road to Balsall Common. It was left to the community as part of a trust but it was mandated that it remains a school. Managed by the Birmingham Education Authority, the school provides for the special educational needs of young people, aged 5 -11, who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Children go to the school from all over the Birmingham and Solihull area, after mainstream education has been unsuccessful. Many of the children have experienced “adverse childhood experiences” and traumas with some also managing Autism, ADHD, foetal alcohol syndrome and other challenges. Funding from the council only covers the costs of running the school and small amounts of maintenance. As you might expect, maintaining a Grade II listed building to a standard suitable for such children is expensive and in such an isolated location without a local catchment area, fund raising has been slow.

These pictures show what are supposed to be de-escalation and a sensory rooms, where children, along with their teachers and carers, can go when they are experiencing an episode of extreme stress or anxiety. As you can see the rooms look more like a waiting room in a disused train station than a comforting and safe space conducive to relaxation and learning. K&D Round Table in combination with our Shirley brethren donated £25,000 to the school to renovate these rooms. Members of our group have also provided, skills to help write compelling funding requests to central government for further renovations, as well as provide the builders who undertook the work.

Thank you to everyone across B93 who has shared a pint with us a the Beer festival, visited us at Dorridge Day or donated to the Santa sleigh. Your generous donations enable us to help groups in our community.

British Heart Foundation

Heart attacks that strike without warning, strokes that shatter futures, newborn babies born with broken hearts. These are just some of the cruelties of cardiovascular disease. And the brutal reality is, there is so much more for science to discover before we can beat the world’s biggest killers.

That’s why the British Heart Foundation exists. Funding research is how they change the game. And we all have a role to play. The tools we have at our disposal today – from heart transplants and pacemakers to stents and portable defibrillators – are all down to research. Research made possible by people like you.

Heartlands Hospital

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital is based at the heart of a bustling, dynamic community. Heartlands Hospital is a large site consisting of modern, state-of-the-art buildings purpose built to provide the highest possible quality of patient care and support services.

The hospital offers a highly extensive array of facilities and procedures for its patients and visitors. Its dedicated staff serve a diverse population with professionalism and pride.

Fast Aid

Fast Aid provide an resource to the ambulance service responding to life threatening  999 calls. Dealing with cases in our local area they are able to arrive before ambulance crews and provide defibrillation and other life saving care as well as promoting recovery before a crew arrives.

In a cardiac arrest with every minute that passes the patient has a 10% less chance of survival until a defibrillator arrives. The national survival rate for cardiac arrests without defibrillation is 3%, when a defibrillator is provided in the first 5 minutes this rises to 25%. By attending cardiac arrests in their local area Community First Responders such as Fast Aid can provide defibrillation within these golden minutes and so improve the survival rate of patients.

Central Fast Response

Central Fast Response is a charity working within the local community of Knowle and surrounding areas. Its’ members are Community First Responders, trained by and working with West Midlands Ambulance Service to attend time critical 999 calls.

Their vision of the charity is to raise awareness of how simple life saving skills can improve the quality of recovery or even save a life and so they run training events to increase people’s knowledge.

The main aim of Round Table is to have FUN.